Art education

As an artist, you can reveal new insights to career options for
students and culturally expand their horizons through art education. For example, the modus operandi of a fashion designer
is exemplified, but a student may also realize that they could
become a professional stylist.

Mendie has been teaching fashion, design and concept development at elementary schools, high schools and through various projects for over six years. She already worked for Rijswijks Lyceum, IMC weekendschool, Noordjes Kinderkunst, Stichting de Wijsneus, Zuid-West College, Heden, RAAM, Kosmopolis Den Haag, Denim City, Jean School among others.

You are able to teach students a lot by empathizing with their immediate environment. Why would Lady Gaga wear a dress made from flesh? Why do all hipsters have facial hair and ride a fixed gear bike? Why would Adidas choose Pharrell Williams to design shoes for them?

By addressing these type of questions, they learn a lot in a relatable way and often know how to incorporate these lessons in their own work. They are able to reach their potential and learn much more than they would in an average ‘pimp-your-own-t-shirt‘ kind of workshop.


“The core of my lesson plan is association. I then create a program that meets the requirements of the school and the learning level of the children from this topic.

Everyone has certain associations
with some subcultures, trends and the newest types of fashion. These exercises teach students to recognize, identify and use these associations in a classical setting. They also learn there is no such thing as a wrong answer here”.

Especially their own creative assets may in the future develop to a personal and identifiable signature. The imagination of children is often wonderful and brings a sense of laughter into the classroom. Once a girl made a splendid collage with matching designs for a scarf, but she didn’t realize it (yet). I had her present it to the whole group of students. I pointed out all the strengths in her work while she would explain it out loud. By the end of her presentation, she started to realize that she had done a great job.

Filled with excitement, she exclaimed:

”Wow Ma’am, you’re a magician.
Oh my God, you’re just like Uri Gellar!”

I said,
“you did it all by yourself,
I’m just showing you”.

Are you interested in art education for your school? Would you like to have Mendie give a workshop in your project? Please do send an email. Together we will find a suitable approach.


I will create a suitable program. This may vary from a workshop during one afternoon to any desirable number of lessons, functional for all kinds of education levels.

In 2015 Mendie completed the ‘Pedagogical Civil Society training’ and is able to apply this method in her lessons.