Mendie Karagantcheff (1984) graduated in 2008 from the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (NL) and started working by the alias Studio Codex. She has been working on several projects, collections and teaches fashion, design and concept at elementary- and high schools. Her work has an accessible character and marks it self by the clear, tough and graphical approach. Music is a main inspiration and mostly the start of a new project.

Other big theme’s in her work are youth culture, code of behavior within subcultures and identity. With roots both in the electronic underground scene and design scene an exiting base is provided for inspiration.

She also likes the smell of freshly mown grass, espresso
macchiato in the morning, seafood, Kraftwerk, Italo Disco,
hamsters and cosmopolitans. Cheers!

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Carlo Wijnands, fashion consultancy and former programmer Amsterdam Fashion Week

“Mendie is an explicit designer who gets her inspiration from lifestyles such as music and it’s surroundings.

Altogether her work is street wear minded, just like it’s connection with the target audience, but when you look at the details and the graphical prints included in various collections the fashionable aspects stand out to the connoisseur. Mendie is so much more than just a street wear designer”.

“Her studio is a great example: huge mood boards presented like dummies on the walls and an enthusiasm that transforms the room in to a true inspiration source. This breathes fashion. You can clearly tell that every collection has its starting point which translates to it’s audience. And this audience is visibly comfortable. Pictures of various collections show relaxed guys that wear their outfits proudly”.

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Maarten Wentholt, senior product and denim developer, Pontitex Amsterdam

“I met Mendie at Denim City HQ, where she was responsible for the denim workshop. In this collaboration I had the pleasure to make all the try outs and tests that have led to the first Amsterdam Dance Event Jeans, the ADE Jeans. Partly thanks to her accuracy and her creative vision we completed this design successfully”.

is a
partner for launching denim projects”

“Many times I heard her passionately talk about specific seams, rivets and buttons. Mendie is a creative mind as well as inquisitive. She is not afraid to approach the concept of ‘making a jeans’ in an innovative way. Which was a pleasure for me to do together with her.
It’s the combination of knowledge of vintage jeans heritage as well as her vision for innovation that makes her stand out”.

Esther Hellendoorn, Senior consultant Design, Styling & Creative management, HTNK Fashion recruitment & consultancy, Amsterdam

“I got to know Mendie as a well educated, driven, creative and enthusiastic person, who combines inspired and thoughtful ideas, with realism and practicality. I have always been impressed by her experience and willingness to share her knowledge and expertise to her colleagues and students”.

“Linking different disciplines together with an out-of-the-box mentality is one of her strengths”.

“Always reflecting, coaching and learning in a solution driven way. I have no hesitation in recommending Mendie, who I feel would be a very valuable asset to any organization, requiring innovative approaches in designing, guiding, teaching and coaching”.

Mira Copini, coordinator Jean School, Amsterdam

“Her enthusiasm is remarkable”

“I got to know Mendie as the head of the Denim City workshop. Next to running the workshop she was also responsible for guiding interns and instruction lessons to our students. Mendie has a wide knowledge of materials, machines and applications.
Next to that she is very eager to learn new techniques and applications”.

“Her capability to create a positive and pedagogically environment under high working pressure makes her stand out. As well as her eye for the needs of individual students as well as needs of the group. She’s able to apply the curriculum and also notices when a student needs more space to develop their skills. She is positive and ensures a pleasant and well organized working conditions”.

Nicole de Munk, Talentmakelaar Stichting Wijsneus, Amsterdam

“I met Mendie when she participated in the Pedagogical Civil Society training. Which is a training in special pedagogical approach focussing at a positive social environment and how to deal with conflicts. Mendie successfully completed this training”.

“She stands out by her eager to learn attitude. With disciplines as fashion & design she creates an exceptional environment in working with children which is very suitable for this pedagogical approach”.

“Next to her substantive, pedagogical and didactic qualities Mendie is a nice person to work with.”